Our Story

From the beginning to now

We have 3 main core values

3 Values are all we need in order to maintain the high standard we put before ourselves. From working with sustainable materials all the way to providing longer lasting products, our values stand true every step of the way!

Easy to Shop

We try to make our products as easily accessible to clients as possible via our online and offline channels.

Best Brands

Our low impact packaging allows for minimal harm to the environment through recycled packaging.

Good For Skin

Our products are dematologically tested before production starts. None of our products are tested on animals.

Trusted By Industry Leaders.

From a wide range of industry leaders, our products have been endorsed by many! Get in touch with us to explore your business opportunities.

Making Beauty Products Since 1996.

Little Blue is definitely not new to the cosmetics industry. Being in business since 1996, we saw the need to support the environment while in the process of finding beauty for everyone!

Treat Yourself.

Little Blue is about treating yourself and introducing yourself to a better you! We believe that if your skin feels healthy then your mind will feel healthy. 

Our Experts

A great group of people who not only love natural beauty but understand how to achieve it! Hard workers, passionate individuals and, loving souls… what more could you ask for?

Jonathan David

Creative Director

Lavena Aroda

Art Director

Radostina Doe

Market Analyst

Kalee Wahet

Marketing Head

Seto Rolla

Product Director

Khaal Wastine

Creative Artist

Janvee Kaur

Product Manager

Jane Bullock

Creative Artist

Why Choose Little Blue

If you haven’t noticed by now, Little Blue believes in being sustainable. That means providing the best possible products while still staying ecologically and sociologically friendly. We believe that a company doesn’t have to destroy the environment in order to be successful.

Our clients are our livelihood and we treat them in a way which represents that. Little Blue gets to know every customer inside and out. That way we know exactly what you want and when you want it. It’s up to us to provide it!

We care about doing the right thing

This means not testing on animals and making sure our products do more good than bad!

We care about the environment

We believe in sustainable packaging, this way we don’t have to take the beauty out of nature in order to sell our products.

We care about our customers

We care about our customers a little too much, so much that we develop products for a few niche markets, meaning even the smaller groups get to experience the fun!

Little Blue has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being with them from the beginning and watching them grow is something I could never forget.

Jamie Doe

It took me a while to find my perfect fit with a company but Little Blue made that process easy! Not only that but they also represent my beliefs! Win, Win!

Jessica Chandler

Little Blue is amazing to work for! I love the people and their passion for the company. Not only that but the products are amazing too!

Romareo Jose

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